Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jumbo Slice

Kelly and I were hanging in Adams Morgan and I wanted to do a dance by the Jumbo Slice sign. We met Kymone and her friends who are also perfomers/producers and you will find info on their show at Busboys and Poets below.


July 12 

8:00 - 10:00 PM (Langston Room)Visionist Studios presents NINEVEH: a conflict over water. The City of Nineveh is ruled ruthlessly by Nimrod who has succeeded to commodify every living resource as owner of the Global Water Corporation. The depletion of the world's oil supply forced the complete use of solar and wind energy, so the profiteers who shape history had to find new things to own and control. Unpolluted lakes, rivers and aquifers are heavily guarded leaving only rainwater to be illegally harvested by the few Resisters who dared to defy the system. Come witness the stage reading fundraiser of this independent film. Meet the writer, actors and director as they embark upon their journey as guerrilla filmmakers. Educate yourself to the impending water crisis that already claims 25,000 lives a day. FREE RSVP required mailto:kymone@prisonpoetry-theplay.com

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Pre-Futurist Dance Manifesto

The world of the past is no more and the world of the future will never arrive. There is only now and how you decide to respond in the now.

Postmodernism has past.

We believe in the intelligence of the body, the intelligence of the mind and that the two are impossible to separate.

Dance is the result of the physicalized mind and the verbose body and we reject putting the cart of scholarship and language before the horse of dance.

Performance happens now, it does not have to secure funding, book a theater or advertise in newspapers. It does not need rehearsal space. It does not need a concept. It does not need to last for more than a second. It does not need to be ephemeral. It does not need flowy pants, tight tops or bare feet. It does not need previews, reviews or even to be seen at all.

We reject the term modern dance, we make art through movement. We dance, we make videos, we make paintings, we make video games, we write, we sculpt, we draw, we act, we sound and we move. We make art. We are artists.

We can change the world.